Were you the student who waited to the last minute to write term papers or finish the book report assigned for Holiday break?  Or were you THAT one who turned it in with time to spare to get feedback and do rewrite(s)?  (just jealous…)  

And how are you now with crunching numbers or writing summaries for work, or household highlights like doing the laundry, dusting, and cleaning the microwave plate (every once and awhile you ought to scrape off the zapped-on cheese)?  Are you organized with a neat to-do list that you promptly dig into? Or do you wait to the last minute…and get to cleaning only when you are good and ready to!?    

We all have our HAVE-to list.  Assignments, duties, chores, sometimes with deadlines, sometimes not—although cleaning the toilet probably ought to have some kind of a deadline—HAVE-tos can be both daunting (writing a new business proposal) and annoying (dusting).  Regardless, it’s sure satisfying to cross them off the list when they are done!  Kind of like when you purge your Google email spam and the person living inside your computer responds ‘Hooray, no spam here,’ it’s satisfying to boldly draw a line through the items you complete or aggressively push the delete button of your fancy HAVE-to list app because it eliminates the stress that accumulated from having it linger undone. 

Whether an assignment for school or work, or knowing the dust behind your bed is likely harboring dangerous toxins, the gnaw of having it ‘there’ weighs on your psyche and can distract your focus, reduce your productivity, and make you grouchy.  Scheesch! All that from a dirty bathroom.     

Exercise reduces stress – and getting your daily workout done so you can cross if off your to-do list eliminates the stress of knowing you need to do it!  Notching your ‘Footprint’s FitBASE dimension is the mechanism for recognizing the satisfaction of eliminating the ‘NEED to exercise’ gnaw.  Say that 10 times fast.  One underlying sentiment of a FitBASE notch is Yeah-I did it-Whew-Good for me!  And it’s perfectly fine to regard exercise as something you are happiest with when it’s over.  Notching your ‘Footprint—getting exercise then delighting in the fact it is done—will strengthen your motivation to keep doing it.                     

GET-tos are the yang’s to HAVE-tos yin’s.  What is it you really like to do, or look forward to doing?  Play golf or tennis, go to your favorite band’s concert, eat at a new restaurant that features your favorite food, buy a brand-specific shirt?  These are your GET-tos, for which your drive is consistent, like a prevailing wind that endlessly blows at a constant speed.  The stoke to do it comes from its representation of us being us, even when the execution is less than hoped for.  I can still say after playing a round of golf that included taking shots out of many backyards, it’s another notch on my golf portfolio! 

Like success begetting success, seeing our body of work grow motivates us to keep growing it. 

Adding FitBUBBLES to your ‘Footprint displays your growing body of work specific to physical activity.  Granted, you may not have liked all the ‘BUBBLES you added and some were one-and-done, that’s ok and to be expected.  The point is the satisfaction of deepening your portfolio. 

FitBASE notching can end with whew, glad that’s over, FitBUBBLE notching ends with wow, look at what I added!  Iron Footprint Fitness accesses the power of lists to sustain and grow your activity routine.  The satisfaction stokes your motivation to keep…crossing off and adding.

I’ve had this on my post to-do list for a few days now.  Finally! I can move on.  My first order of business – inviting the Rolling Stones to guest blog about Satisfaction…