If you live in a snowy climate—this year who doesn’t!—March 1 is sort of like winter’s hump-month. Ever so slightly (especially since yet another widespread snow dump is in the forecast) the anticipation starts to grow about resuming outside workouts. Of course, some just ignore the elements, but many more prefer the forced heat comfort and stable footing of the great indoors—until right about now when with help from spring training being in full swing and the professional golf tours broadcasting from 80-degree courses, the outside itch starts to creep in.

Best of all, daylight savings just a day away – literally a light at the end of the tunnel!

Ride the March adrenaline uptick and allow yourself to get excited about the great outdoors again. But while you are at it, take the time to think about how you are going to re-purpose your snow shoveling time. Train for a distance running/cycling race? Recommit to tennis/golf? Get to the batting cage and join a softball team?

It’s pedestrian to mark the shift as the end of hibernation, but with the epic winter so many have endured it seems appropriate. A quick review, that bright thing in the sky is the sun and that green stuff under your feet is grass.