Our primary mission it to help you develop resilient motivation to stick to (and grow) your activity routine.  To that, a brief vocabulary lesson – An oxymoron is something that seems unlikely and usually is.  To some of you ‘look forward to tomorrow’s workout while doing today’s’ might be the crème de la crème, or mother lode of all oxymorons!  Since this is a family show I’ll leave out the charming choice words I can just hear you say other than Right…  I’m just sure…  As if…  Really!  It took every ounce of my FitBASE thingy to get me to the gym today, and now you want me to believe that I can actually look forward to another day’s workout while I am doing today’s?  Do you realize the day I’ve had!!!???  And what’s with using the word oxymoron anyway?  You couldn’t think to use ‘impossible’!? 


Yikes!  Good thing I decided to leave the companion video out, just more material for you to pound. 

Hey I can feel your pain, and since I’m the writer I’ll make sure this will end well, but settle in until I circle back around.


To others of you the sentiment is just as strong – but for the opposite reason.  In fact I’d be surprised if you were still reading because you are already looking forward to next WEEK’S gym fun much less tomorrow’s.  Nothing to look at here, you think and further, thank you but hopefully the next blog will offer something useful.


Ok, but since you have read this far you may as well finish it, besides, I know how you are about finishing what you start.   If nothing else you can doodle ‘oxymoron’ as you dream about tomorrow’s FitBEST trial, and you just might learn something…  


Why the great divide in some being unable to even consider the possibility of looking forward while others fret that today’s activity has to end all too soon?


At face value, past experience is the deal breaker.  If you have enjoyed a certain degree of success you are likely motivated to continue to engage (to continue to experience success) because along with success comes a sense of self-efficacy toward engagement – you are confident in your ability– which fuels your anticipation for more engagement.  The opposite can ice your motivation – you haven’t succeeded so don’t believe you can succeed – causing hesitation at best, avoidance at worst.  You talk yourself into exercising because you ‘know it’s good for you’ but can’t envision more than a mechanical, obligatory, ‘procreational’ relationship/experience, certainly NEVER something to look forward to or think about growing. 


Yuck!  but there is hope.      


No doubt past experience significantly plays into the ‘looking forward to’ sentiment, but peeled back further there is the prequel, the dastardly core layer of influence working behind the scenes to quash a comforting easiness about tomorrow’s engagement.  What to do?  Cut off the fuel source that feeds the dread – retreating into a defensive, self-protective, risk averse shell when we consider engagement.  Not trying new things because we don’t want to be vulnerable to the risk of awkwardness– that’s a defensive retreat, the accompanying hesitation and avoidance reinforcing the dread lore.       


Rather, match offense with offense, meaning as much as your engagement psyche may seek control by retreating into a defensive, status-quo shell, you need to initiate a premeditated, proactive offensive attack to hit the vulnerability head on.     


So I can LEARN to look forward?  Absolutely!


First, regularly trial FitBESTS and add FitBUBBLES to your Iron Footprint as the personification of exercise ‘offense’.  Purposefully (and proactively) adding novel activities like motor skill practice to your routine kills the proverbial two birds with one stone.  It fosters the development of your physical self, thus your activity self-efficacy and it takes the air out of the ‘dread’ influence.  After all, what’s to dread when not only can you try new things with nothing awful happening even if it feels awkward, you can enjoy the process.  This offense actually neutralizes the risk you can feel when faced with the unknown because even if your engagement felt awkward, or you weren’t successful in the traditional sense of success you actually WERE for how you grew your ‘Footprint.  Net/net, you have the security of knowing that you cant lose!  


Second, hold your nose and jump in.  This isn’t to say you won’t get butterflys or NOT feel similar ‘anticipatory’ emotion.  You will!  But you will come to understand this is simply your activity psyche signaling to your activity self that you are ready for whatever engagement is on the schedule, a natural example of ‘looking forward’.  You will also realize that the jumps get easier and easier.  The more you grow your ‘Footprint, the more and different ways you come to trust your physical self, the more excited you become to grow it more.  Hold-your-nose-and-jump-in soon becomes LOOK-OUT-BELOW-HERE-I-COME!        


Many sage thinkers/philosophers tell us to live for today and not think about tomorrow.  What an oxymoron!  Anyone have their emails so I can entice them to ‘like’ Iron Footprint Fitness?