Ladies, let me be the first to introduce you to Lola Getts Active, an apparel company specializing in fashionable active wear for plus sizes.

With the deftness of a Nobel Prize – winning chemist, Lola has cracked the code of how to combine apparel + fashionable + active wear + plus sizes.

Clothing has turned into a ridiculous [email protected]#$ engagement barrier. But it’s anything but ridiculous when the industry itself fails to accommodate humanity’s full spectrum. Commentary aside about the impact a 12”impossibly-proportioned doll continues to have on social norms, physical activity is of the people and for the people – all people!

This is a big deal. Lola Getts Active is about how the clothes feel on you, but most important how you feel in them!

Like manna from heaven, the cuts move with movement rather than binding when bending or pinching when punching. No more worrying about how your clothes are going to perform or wondering what movement you will need to avoid less letting others get to know more of you than you care them to, if you know what I mean.

And no more no I’m not going to be active.

Nope. Stride into yoga and set up your mat in front… March into spin class and take a first row bike… Strut into circuit aerobics and put your step smack dab in the middle of the first row…

When they ask, and they will, tell them Lola Getts sent you… Then don’t forget to notch all the new activity achievement you are accumulating in your Iron Footprint.

Go get ‘em ladies.