One of the reasons we ‘miss the gains we make while looking for the gains we are not going to find’ is change occurs from the inside out, not outside in as many of us have been lead to believe.

What does this mean? It means you are first going to FEEL a change before you see a change.

Whatever your fitness level or skill proficiency, whether new to exercise or physical activity, restarting after a lay off, or an elite athlete, you are first going to FEEL any change that your engagement magically gifts before you see any changes in the mirror. And, the changes that you feel first are mostly about doing everyday things. As your activity level becomes more consistent or its intensity increases from notching FitBASE, FitBUBBLES and FitBESTS, it will hit you while going through the motions of everyday life that physically, everyday life feels, dare I say, easier. Getting in and out of the car…getting up and out of furniture…lifting a case of water into your grocery cart…loading and unloading your groceries…carrying a load of wash to the washing machine…using stairs…reaching high into a cupboard…maneuvering your kids into their car seats…taking the dog for a walk…standing on the bus when the seats are taken…

As you notice these changes, take pause for a celebration. Throw a party if you want but most important recognize these changes for the significant gains they represent – you muscles ARE getting stronger, you cardio system IS getting stronger, your joints ARE becoming more flexible!

Then also celebrate that you ARE noticing the gains you make.

Structure your engagement around notching FitBASE, FitBUBBLES and FitBBESTS, see your ‘Iron Footprint’ grow, and allow yourself to feel the magic that results.