You are getting my venom because the dog doesn’t seem to care.  I’m pouting because in a few days I have to attend an off-site work retreat.  I know, be a big girl…just deal…these can be part and parcel to any job…suck it up…practice perma-smile…  I’M TRYING!, but here’s my beef.  The agenda calls for a ‘sun riser’ breakfast warm-up/keynote followed by (assigned) break-outs, a working lunch to dissect the break-out’s, afternoon break-outs to build on the morning break-outs then a team dinner to cap off the day.  In bold, the agenda also states to NOT anticipate more than the two scheduled 10-minute bathroom breaks – one am and one pm.  Ouch!                    

I’m sure it’s obvious to see where I am going with this, but wait for the kicker.  Under the conditions of the tightrope agenda, none of us has the attention to stay sharp for this amount of time much less be all team-y at ‘team dinner’!  Fine, I’ll speak for myself but, come on, it’s only divine inspiration that will inspire ANY inspiration after lunch!  That aside, I’m also at a loss as to figure out how I am   going to be able to exercise.  I’m no stranger to pre-dawn hours but in order to make the sun-riser warm up on time pre-dawn would have to be more like late-night.  UGH!       

Don’t get me wrong because I love what I do, our group collegiality is strong and without pushing and shoving we work together well toward a common good – I just wish the day was going to include…pushing and shoving!  Bottom line for me, it’s not about fearing my favorite starmill will kick me to the curb for missing a day but knowing how I operate best.  Like most, I operate best when I get oxygen to my brain!

So what to do? 

I can’t not go, nor will I test fate or risk karma by getting ‘sick’ or having ‘car trouble.’  The best solution I can think of – I offered to lead an afternoon break-out session knowing each will be largely dependent upon it’s leader to design.  Naturally, mine will include several VIGOROUS ‘energy breaks.’  After all, and here is the kicker, the primary focus of the retreat is workplace wellness…