Think ‘pause’ button not start/stop button and Sir Isaac Newton…

Remember physical activity as a kid? – 1. Open door.  2. Go outside.  3. Play.  Afterward you provided details about what you did to whoever would listen, especially if any part of it ended with a Band-Aid (total precursor to the ‘Footprint notching thing).   

Then there was wearing shorts under your skirt or pants to school to account for movement and vanity, AND so you could transition from the classroom to the monkey bars for recess without LOSING ANY TIME. 

There was no hard and fast start and stop to activity; rather, when you had to take a break due to a rude interruption by lunch or dinner or some other (ridiculous) matter you hit the proverbial ‘pause’ button, and simply picked up from where you left off – with the same strike count or down (football).  Activity was organic and flowed from one to the next.  Yes, I meant to write that!      

As simple as it was then is as convoluted and compartmentalized as it now – organize, arrange for, schedule, drive to, dress for….  And, all to ensure you make it to A particular fitness class at the gym, which when done concludes your activity for the day.  

I know, hard if not impossible to avoid.  Our big girl and boy commitments slam our schedules making the logistics that go along with gym membership a necessary evil – evil in the sense we can’t NOT compartmentalize so have patterned ourselves to exercise during our exercise window, only. 

But, it’s not to say we can’t TRY to flow more activity into our lives than the one-and-done of the gym, because,      

—Any activity is better than no activity–and any ‘extra’ activity is even better:  Dastardly, health-sapping screen time can consume our waking hours.  Our gym hour combats by yielding baseline health protection, but activity beyond has greater impact.  ALL activity counts toward your quality of life – the deeper your Iron Footprint, the better.  Gym exercise (FitBASE) is a critical, but one part of your ‘Footprint.  Add FitBUBBLES as well to improve your ratio of activity time to screen time and ultimately foster your VIGOR! 

—‘A body in motion tends to stay in motion’:  Among Sir Isaac Newton’s brilliance was the discovery of this exercise – friendly principle.  (Though I doubt his attention considered exercise he was known to be a good lawn bowler – talk about that at your next dinner party).  You have to be active to become more active.  With just a little practice, you can habit yourself the 23 hours you are away from the gym.

 So, what can you do to move more?  Where can you find activity?  How can you improve your flow?     

Move – Anywhere – Repeat…

You may have heard these suggestions before…but likely never under the pretense of using a ‘pause’ rather than a start/stop button or Sir Isaac Newton himself, so there!     

–Get up out of your chair, or off the couch, every 20 minutes to walk around your office/office area, or house

–Routinely park as far away from entry doors as possible.

–Take any/all stairs you can

–Use the bathroom farthest away from your desk

–Get up 10 minutes earlier and go for a 10-minute walk before going to work or to the gym

–Walk during lunch – even 5 minutes in the hallway is 5 minutes

–Go to the batting cage or golf driving range during lunch or after work

The more you practice finding activity the more you will find.  It really is as simple as that.  Too pedestrian for you?  Well, be more creative – I double dare you to use social media to organize a flash mob – to play Kick the Can at the park.  Don’t forget the Band Aids….