Last week, US Surgeon General nominee Dr. Vivek Murthy pledged to a Senate committee that obesity prevention would be a top priority if confirmed.

Even though other Surgeon Generals have attended to obesity, Dr. Murthy’s declaration is landmark as ‘priority’ increases intent, which increases the likelihood of outcomes. While self-management is imperative to making healthful lifestyle decisions, supportive federal initiatives and policies can be key enablers.

My short policy wish list is mandating increased time for school-based physical activity programming and that ALL physical activity programming personnel are highly competent (e.g., afterschool and recreation staff), and creating pathways for shared-use agreements between schools and city/county recreation facilities/programming.

I suppose I can’t set the agenda, but if you read this Dr. Murthy adopting any one would help fight the good fight. At the least, I take comfort hoping we get to add another one to our team!