FRIDAY FOOTPRINT FLASH – The Lets Move initiative is working!

Mrs. Obama recently marked the 4th anniversary of her (ongoing) Lets Move initiative. Concurrently, data revealed drastic improvement to the obesity rate of our nation’s 3-5 year olds.

While each is a win—sustained commitment to the mission and the improved health of millions of our youngest citizens—it shouldn’t be lost how the age-group demographic correlates to the length of time the White House has forefronted the initiative.

Today’s 3-5 year olds and Lets Move share the same birth year. Their world has been healthier than generations past thanks to coordinated, multi-platformed, country-wide canvassing about physical activity and nutrition, and improved access to quality activity offerings and healthy food.

The result speaks for itself, which isn’t necessarily surprising since wellness-spectrum professionals regard energy balance as key to healthy weight management. Complicating factors notwithstanding, balancing the IN by the OUT makes for a happy scale–even for the youngest among us.

A significant take-away of the good news is the physical activity of toddlers/pre-schoolers is captured perfectly by the initiative’s moniker. It’s Lets Move as much and whenever possible until directed by mom/dad/caregiver/teacher to let’s stop moving and sit down.

Lets Move is proving to be brilliant for its result and its simple directive. Take a page out of the playbook (literally) of the youngest among us and in the name of Lets Move, JUST MOVE! today, tomorrow, and lots of tomorrows thereafter.