FOR your heart, running is the same as walking is the same as cycling is the same as basketball, is the same as…a gazillion other forms of activity.

IN your heart, different forms of activity are rank ordered according to what feeds your physical activity soul.

In a perfect world, your engagement in FOR is a neat and tidy expression of IN. A romanticist might dreamingly say it’s a natural force that draws our energy toward a particular activity form… But a humanist—the kind with two kids, a dog, and a demanding job—might say riiiight, meaning wrong, for IN is ultimately where the realities of time and place intersect, meaning yours is 5pm spin, or 7pm yoga, or 6am boot camp, or your mapped out 5-mile run.

Considering slammed schedules leaving few slivers open to exercise and the gym opportunistic for how it offers hourly programming, the ‘chosen’ form of engagement is the class scheduled during the sliver you can attend. Net/net, your exercise expression is more defined by the gym’s fitness class scheduler than impelled by intuitive force, so until the kids are grown, or the job settles (ha!) you may have to sacrifice the IN for the just-get-it-done of the FOR.

Ahh, so be it. Consistently doing the FOR will ensure that when you get to do the IN it will, I dare say, be to your heart’s content.