A year of healing comes full circle when the Boston Marathon gun goes off Monday. My thoughts and prayers will be with all who were touched by the senseless act, but in gratitude for what you have taught us over the year as well as condolence.

You’ve shown us how to remember and forget at the same time — which couldn’t be better symbolized than in running a marathon. Remembering the exhilaration, sheer joy, sense of accomplishment, appreciation for the process of training, bonding with your 20,000 new best friends; while forgetting the aches and pains.

You’ve also reminded us what is important: finish what you start-with steely determination, pay good fortune forward, and understand that hope is the greatest gift we can give to one another.

We are proud of you Boston, and in you we see how we can be better. If you are not running, throw a hug to the universe and know it will catch someone at just the time they need an extra oomph. If you are running, stop to smell a proverbial rose at least once along the course—but if your pace is cooking it can be at the 26.3 mile mark…