Today’s fitness word is FIERCE!

It’s attitude:
strong, independent, assertive, proactive, problem-solving, doing the right thing, which usually isn’t the easy thing…

Better yet it’s attitude turned action, regardless of age or any other demographic – Fierce is as Fierce does:
Sitting with your child to finish their homework
Saying no to more chips
Asking the fitness instructor to help you do the move correctly
Calling your teen’s friends parents to double check their party supervision
Submitting your resume for a position you really want
Updating your portfolio then asking for the raise you deserve
Stringing together the most consecutive workout days ever
Wearing shoes to work you can walk in during lunch
Signing up for the tennis league
Learning/improving your skills in a sport you can play with your clients – Inviting your clients to play golf…tennis…
Doing an extra 10 minutes on the treadmill
Finishing your report – now
Using a spotter to help you set a bench press FitBEST
Telling someone they look nice
Inviting a friend to walk and not letting them back out

Be fierce!