…A reminder to keep your gaze fixed on the sunny side of the street  

Star Wars fans know about the ‘Dark Side’ – the Jedi metaphor for all things Evil; and so to be avoided at its base value even in the face of the tempting power it can yield.         

A dark side temptation of exercise is to imagine the radical body transformation that surely will result from the effort.  No doubt, exercise CAN induce change that is noticeable in the mirror, it’s only natural to wonder what will look different after all the sets, reps, and time has been logged – Can I see my six-pack?  Are my arms bigger?  Are my legs smaller? – and, over time transformation is likely if engagement is appropriate to stimulate weight loss and/or muscle growth, but not the radical change made to seem easy, if not automatic. 

While understandable, expecting radical transformation is a dark side temptation that leads to motivation eroding disappointment.  What has been promised doesn’t occur – because it cant to the degree it is presented – causing doubt that anything good is happening, resulting in resignation that anything good will ever happen and then bam, motivation to engage simply dries up.  The dark side of this temptation can trigger a funk faster than you can say Chubaka.         

Yikes!  Come back into the light.   

One of our pillars is ‘Don’t miss the gains you make while looking for the gains you are not going to find.’ 

Beyond thinking that unrealistic body transformation is realistic, the really sad part of falling into the dark side is missing all the achievement you ARE making.  Our solution reveals what to look for then how to capture it so you can always see it.    

So, a quick review, achievement is a). completing a health-related workout, b). setting a performance benchmark, and c). doing activity that is new or in addition to your daily workout.  Together, these types of engagement make up your Iron Footprint – your portfolio of physical activity that is further notched each time you engage.  The result is you ‘see’ all your achievement, which motivates you to keep engaging to notch more achievement.        

Protect your exercise motivation by avoiding the dark side temptation of radical body transformation.   Put both hands on the wheel at 12 and 2 and fix your gaze on the sunny side of the street.  With all due respect to another movie icon, NO, Bette Davis, it doesn’t have to be a bumpy ride!