Motor skill practice is an Iron Footprint Fitness pillar because the better your proficiency the more activity choice you have, and the more activity choice you have the more likely you will engage any given day.

It just makes sense. If limited to doing one thing, that one thing is going to get old fast. Variety appeals to human nature whether for what we eat, or wear, or how we exercise—and more so every day, the opportunity to exercise choice is a feature of modern life.

Our Ipods are filled with music we forget we have, our readers with material that spans all prose, our TVs offer channels many of us have no idea exist—wander around in the 800s if you haven’t—and, of course, the Web enables access to even more music…books…TV shows.

All this exercise of choice; except when it comes to exercise, which usually means going to the gym at the same time for the same class, or out for a walk/run around the same block. Nothing wrong with this, but even the best intended can get tired of the same, when one missed day becomes a string of several until we recover and return to…the same class or the same run.

There is a solution. Increase your exercise choice by adding motor skill practice to your routine. It’s never too late to improve skills, and you will be surprised how quickly you can develop proficiencies that allow you to add new activities to your repertoire.

Have a catch, hit golf balls, shoot baskets, play hopscotch. Then do it again, and before you know it, you will be ready for the recreation league. Most important your motivation will benefit from the choice it affords.

Don’t leave exercise in the prehistoric days of, gasp, 3G!