Hello! – the final installment of the three-part back-to-school series of tips to help you manage the ‘new’ of the school year without disruption to your exercise routine.  please email us at [email protected] for reprints of parts 1 or 2.  Thanks and happy reading… 

Yep, that new backpack smell is in the air, which means the rest of the school year ‘new’ is but one crayons and scissors store run away – new routines, new schedules, new commitments, new kinds of busy – all potentially drawing you away from physical activity.  Fear not!  Use the following to help manage the new so you don’t miss even one power walk or bicep curl.  This is the third of a three part series.  The first was ‘Take a meeting’ to protect the time you set aside for exercise, the second was ‘Think instant activity anywhere anyhow to ensure daily exercise’, and this installment is:

-Un-strollerstock your gym bag to make it easier to get to the gym


Strollerstocking: outfitting a stroller for every imaginable situation.  

Considering the realities of time, logistics, and how best to ensure quality strollering, I WELL understand the importance of a strollerstocking.  Since other commitments usually pinch both ends of an outing, you don’t want to interrupt your quality time to go to the store to replace spilled juice, assuming there IS an accessible store, but to preserve said quality time the situation can’t be ignored.  The backup juice you strollerstocked is a win/win/win – good for you, your child and anyone within earshot of the outing.  

However, a dangerous side effect of strollerstocking is gymbagstocking – outfitting a gym bag as aggressively as a stroller.  As much as Strollerstocking supports outings, gymbagstocking can deter exercise because it’s yet another thing to organize before actually going to…exercise.  And , what exactly is in the giant roller bag you roll to the gym, then ‘park’ upright at each machine you use?!  Call me crazy but do you really need extra socks?  Multiple towels?  Multiple magazines?  Not to imply you don’t work hard, rather, to empathize it’s exhausting to gymbagstock, what with the managing, sorting and cleaning.  Too easily, the process becomes the last straw that persuades you to the couch instead of the treadmill.     

Strollerstocking’s self-reliance speaks for itself, and for the sake of world peace I always hope the Ziplocks of food I see dropped on the sidewalk were the extras, but be a gym bag minimalist.  Water and music, done, leave all the rest at home.  If you need a quick snack, grab the extra Cheerios out of the stroller…