While on a school playground yesterday, I watched a 5th grade teacher set the physical activity advocacy movement back to its dark age.

After making it abundantly clear the playground was the last place she wanted to be and kickball the last thing she wanted to be dealing with—It was too hot (actually, a perfect high 70s), too dirty (just swept), too boring (fun), a waste of time (ah, no)…—the abysmal start deteriorated. Seeing she wasn’t worth any guidance, a couple of the kids began to divide teams. Nice!, I thought, except she couldn’t leave that alone and redistributed them—a total ‘in your face’ to the students. Then, she umpired the game from her chair under a tree a field’s length away from the class. Hmm, interesting. No surprise, her calls were grossly mis-judged and not according to the rules. When the kids respectfully explained the correct rules, they were admonished to ‘Sit Down And Think About It.’

Confused, perplexed, yet compliant, the kids took their seat. I could only guess what they were Thinking About. The game turned into five kids kicking the ball amongst themselves because in but a few minutes because everyone else was sitting along the sideline ‘Thinking About It’! Thankfully, the bell finally rang and the kids fled.

And we wonder why so many are under-active…