Digging to China in the sand box as a kid was really slow until we figured out a snow shovel moved a lot more sand than a kiddie plastic beach shovel.  Big difference!  Then when we borrowed the neighbor’s to add to the arsenal, wow! we became digging machines.  Using the kiddie shovel was fun, but using the snow shovels added so much more to the experience…until we hit tree roots or it was time for dinner.      

The point?  Immerse yourself into physical activity beyond scratching its surface – notch as many FitBUBBLES as you can to deepen your portfolio as much as possible.  While there is benefit to doing any activity, treat yourself to the gifts that accumulation and immersion uniquely yield.  You will find the engagement experience to be all the more rich and your activity self all the more developed.  

Watching Black and white TV, listening to AM radio, tasting food, using the 8-pack of crayons, reading Cliff notes; all merely scratch the surface of engagement impact compared to watching HD TV, listening to multi-tracked music, eating a full meal, using the 24-pack of crayons, or reading a book in its entirety.

Why?  Deeper, multi-sensory stimulation draws a greater, satisfaction enhancing, emotional connection that leads to, you guessed it, greater motivation to keep doing it (or do it again).

Do, but don’t ‘just do’ physical activity.  Immerse yourself into its big world by collecting as many FitBUBBLES possible.  The physical benefit aside, the satisfaction of the richness and the self-confidence you develop are priceless.  Not to mention, your energy toward collecting can be infectious to those around you – and there you go again inspiring others to engage! 

Regardless of your current level of fitness or skill proficiency, more means more.  Scraping the proverbial activity surface can generate some health protection, but don’t stop there when there is so much more to be had.  Which reminds me, I have some digging to do…