Any activity is better than no activity BUT the more it is achievement-purposeful, the stronger your motivation to keep doing it.

Purposeful exercise provides a backbone for our effort by targeting intentional fitness or motor skill improvement. The opposite is ‘just’ exercise, risky since ‘today I’m just going to do some cardio’ or ‘today I’m just going to lift a few weights’ doesn’t give our motivation anything solid to sink its teeth into. Weightless and without definition it’s impossible to recognize progress, other than just doing some cardio or just lifting some weights. Over time, our stick-to-it motivation erodes because we just don’t remember the point.

Life may dictate occasions of time-limited exercise, but this kind of ‘just’ is benign for being temporary. Not knowing how to frame achievement other than radical body transformation causes the dangerous kind. The (unrealistic) results we don’t realize bring disappointment we protect ourselves from repeating by conceding to a ‘just’ approach—but generic intent drains already shallow motivation by not providing the solid footing that purpose cements.

Don’t short change your life quality by approaching activity from anything less than what purposefully (and optimally) strengthens your heart and muscles and improves your motor skills, and frames your achievement accordingly.

Dare I say, just do it…purposefully.