With yoga pants getting front page attention recently it seemed a coincidence that I received a new, very expensive pair as a gift. For the record, I paid $20 for the pair I bought about a year ago, which I have been very happy with, especially for their performance under my softball shorts. I was happy to receive a new pair to wear to softball and, oh yeah, the occasional yoga class I attend.

True confession, I appreciate yoga, admire those who are proficient, and know in a different life I will be able to execute poses without making instructors cringe; in this life yoga and I are oil and water.

But wait, maybe yoga and I would get along better by wearing the expensive pants. After all, there had to be something to all the fuss.

So it was that I carefully compared them to my tried and true pair. The expensive ones—we will call them ‘the 99’s’ since that was the price on the tag—looked and felt just like the 20’s, and fit the same. Hmm, they looked the same, the fabric felt the same, and they felt the same on. Ok, well, maybe the magic is in how they perform, yeah, that has to be it.

With great anticipation, I put on the 99’s and trotted off to class. Surely, I would be able to stretch farther, hold poses longer, rid myself of having to use blocks, and finally reach permanent peace…

Which only made reality sting like salt in a wound. No difference. Zip. Zilch. My downward dog was still more dog than downward, and my sun salutation was it’s sorry a—self, devoid of any worship quality.

What a letdown! Bad yoga pants, bad yoga pants! The 99’s were no better than the 20’s, so just what was I getting for the additional $79???

Nothing in performance, but a goldmine in insight because all of a sudden I felt bad for yoga pants. I mean, they’re just trying their flat-seamed best to accommodate our need to exercise.
And, with their stretchy givey-ness they work equally well for someone like me who resembles a firehydrant as another who resembles a giraffe.

Take it from the pants themselves. They just want to be used whether for yoga class or softball and are as happy to be on a big as a little. Be the adult. Be bigger than any ‘peculiar’ marketing strategy. Just BE the yoga pants in whatever shape, size, color, pattern is right for you.

It’s not their fault some become 99’s while others become 20’s, after all, none of us can pick our families, if you know what I mean, and they would be the first to tell you there isn’t a $79 difference between them. The meek shall inherit the earth, and likely want to be comfortable doing so. It seems to me we can all get along.