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Today’s FitBLAST – Avoid looking like a washing machine agitator

When I coached age-group swimming one of the biggest challenges was helping novices learn to balance stroke technique with turnover, especially during a race. It’s a natural competitive instinct to move as fast as possible once the gun goes off but for inefficient swimmers this results in looking something like a washing machine agitator […]

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The Best of all Worlds Today on the Bike Path – and no one Crashed!

The bike path on any given Sunday can be a free-for-all, today it was that times 1000! Two different organized athletic events were held – a professional triathlon and a cause-related cycling race. Believe me, the FULL spectrum of activity enthusiasts was represented! From the elitist of elite […]

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Being ‘Off’ – Nothing a few wins can’t cure

A favorite childhood memory is of dredging channels in the sandbox then running the hose to float toys through all the twists and turns. Of course, once the water started most of the channels just collapsed, but then it was especially gratifying to redirect the water by building new channels. Even better was […]

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Party On – YOUR achievment IS deserving!

Today’s trivia question –

What do Kool and the Gang, Lionel Richie, Prince, 50 Cent, Miley Cyrus and Iron Footprint Fitness have in common?

A belief in the importance of celebrating!

Ok, so Iron Foortprint’s messaging is painfully stale compared to how the artists spin it, but the sentiment is the […]

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A Pre-Schooler’s Wisdom…

“I like you mommy. You aren’t useless like the other mommies”

Backstory – while looping the dog around the park I stopped at a bench by the playground to answer an email. I looked up periodically and noticed one mom chasing her pre-school age son around and playing follow-the-leader. That alone made […]

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Today’s fitness word – SMILE

Today’s fitness word – SMILE

While you are doing your cardio…at the person next to you doing their cardio…to yourself for pounding out your miles…for the (hopefully) nice walking weather…in recognition of your BEST bench press ever…for someone who can’t right now…as you tie your cleats knowing you are going to kick the other team…for all […]

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The Corporate Version of ‘Taking a Relationship to the Next Level’ – Play Company Golf and Softball

Note – this may or may not apply to you. If it does, great! If not, sorry, but perhaps you can pass it along to someone for whom it does…

Professionally speaking, are you ready to get serious – commit to leadership – take on the responsibility of the bottom line? Excellent! […]

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Don’t Miss out on the Non-Exercise of Exercsie


Completely switch gears and for a second think about exercise – but don’t think about the exercise.

Anything unusual happen recently at the gym or while you were running/walking? Overhear a juicy conversation? Any break-ups or make-ups? See any cute shirts or really […]

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The Core Case for Balance

Gimme a B… Gimme an A… Gimme an L…A…N…C…E…
What’s it spell?

Foot speed; more distance on your kicks/punts, golf drives, hits to the outfield gap, 3-point jump shots; more velocity on your slapshots; higher position in the water…


Stability, my friends is (an often overlooked) key to […]

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Today’s fitness word is FIERCE!

It’s attitude:
strong, independent, assertive, proactive, problem-solving, doing the right thing, which usually isn’t the easy thing…

Better yet it’s attitude turned action, regardless of age or any other demographic – Fierce is as Fierce does:
Sitting with your child to finish their homework
Saying no to more […]

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