Iron Cougar Fitness – a new community for women 50+ who value physical activity…

Calling all IRON COUGARS to join, a new community dedicated to MOTIVATING, RECOGNIZING and INLFUENCING the physical activity engagement of women 50+ and that of all women and girls.

Iron Cougar? – A 50+ woman who values physical activity and attempts to live a healthy lifestyle. 

We are inclusive to ALL who fit the definition – even if your value of activity might be stronger than your actual activity habit.  Our mission is to Motivate sustained exercsie, i.e. help you stick to your activity routine and grow your Iron FootprintRecognizeDistinctive Iron Cougars fortheir lifelong commitment to physical activity; and use the power of the community to Influence the Iron Footprint growth and achievement-oriented engagement of all women and girls.  

It’s a big job but no doubt this unique community can get it done.  After all, many of you grew up in an era when the doors to physical activity were not exactly open to girls and women — so much so that many had to first find the doors!  But prevail you did for no barrier matched the voice in your heart calling you to activity.  Fast forward to now and as moms, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, nieces, and sometimes all of the above you are especially situated to help multiple generations of women and girls enjoy the unique and profound life quality benefits of physical activity — its gifts of health protection and vigor.  

It’s NEVER too late to begin to be physically active or continue to set personal performance benchmarks.  Join us to help you stay motivated to sustain regular engagement and encourage the same for all women and girls.  Thanks and we look forward to meeting you on         

Welcome to Hot News!

Hello Iron Cougars, and welcome to Hot News – your stop for updates and blogs related to our mission to MOTIVATE, RECOGNIZE and INFLUENCE physical activity engagement for our community and that of all women and girls.

Please check back regularly for new posts and all our Hot News.

Until then, please get some exercise and while you are at it invite a friend.  And if that friend just happens to be an Iron Cougar-in waiting please invite her to join our community by visiting our website – – or our facebook page.